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Mon panier

  • What is Frida's Creas?
    Créas de Frida is a very small natural stone jewelry workshop. The jewels are unique, and are not reproduced voluntarily (chance means that the jewels can be redone later!). The main activity is the creation of jewelry according to inspiration, but it is possible to make a personalized order. The Créas de Frida workshop was born in the Angevin region, grew up on the island of Réunion and was carried by the wind to Belgium. Currently, the workshop is located in Liège, Belgium. The company remains French, but the manufacturing is now made in France and made in Belgium!
  • Who is Frida?
    Frida is... me! In reality, my name is Alice, I am 21 years old and I am a psychology student at the University of Liège. I have been passionate about natural stones, lithotherapy since I was little. I have also always loved jewelry. The name of the store "Créas de Frida" is a tribute to Frida Kahlo, a daily inspiration for me. My name is Alice but you can also call me, like most people, Frida! You can find more of the history of the shop, of my passions, of me, on the blog!
  • Unique jewelry?
    The jewels that I create and that I sell here on the website are "unique". This means that I create them one by one, and only one, the earrings, rings, necklaces... However, some jewels can be reproduced either: - by chance! a few weeks later, I re-create the jewel to put it back on sale. - I've been asked a lot and many people have fallen in love with it! Some "simple" jewels such as bracelets made entirely of natural stones will obviously be sold several times!
  • What are the commitments of Créas de Frida?
    The Créas de Frida workshop is committed to offering you jewelry in natural stones (99.9% of the stones in the shop are natural, and if one day this is not the case, it will be specified in the article!), handmade, in France and Belgium, by my little hands. I am committed to offering you the most durable jewelry possible, respectful of the environment (but let's not forget where the minerals come from!)... I am also very available on social networks, the site chat internet as well as by email. It is important to me to offer you a unique experience with unique jewelry, and to offer you quality customer service.
  • What materials are used for jewelry?
    Créas de Frida jewels are composed of: - stones: the stones used by the Créas de Frida workshop are all natural stones, with the exception of a few, pretty but without virtues, but this will always be specified! - metals: the metals, supports, finishes used by the Créas de Frida workshop are made of steel or stainless steel, depending on the model. I cannot guarantee you an absence of nickel.
  • I often have metal allergies...
    If you are often allergic to metals, I would advise you to either turn to the stainless steel range of the Créas de Frida workshop, or prefer other brands that can guarantee you nickel-free jewelry, or offer you 925 silver or gold jewelry.
  • How do I take care of my jewelry?
    Whether it's silver, gold, stainless steel or any other material sold by the Créas de Frida workshop, I can only advise you to keep it away from water, seawater, perspiration, household products... This is also what I would advise you to do for a piece of jewelry in 925 silver or gold! In order not to tarnish the jewelry, it is best to remove it before showering, swimming or at night. You can also cover the jewelry with a hypoallergenic clear varnish if your skin tends to rust jewelry.
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