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Welcome to the workshop! 

If I can't receive you in my mobile workshop, I suggest you choose your personalized jewel here! 

For now you can only design
rings . But stay tuned, I still have lots of surprises for you... 

Sans titre (4).png
Sans titre (5).png

Jewelry assembled by hand, on demand! 

Like you ! You won't find a second identical jewel! 

Your order is made and sent within 1 to 3 days! Fast and tracked delivery. 


I'll explain everything to you! 

You start by choosing the ring size you want. A little visual to help you 

You then go to the corresponding article: Camille, Syam, Barbara, Zoé or Eva. 

You can choose the support for your ring, as well as the stone that will adorn it! 

In total, there are more than... 300 possibilities! Take the opportunity to make a ring in your image.

5 tailles de pierre.png

No ideas? 

Do not panic ! You can find rings already made in the new collections but also in the bargain corner.

Want to keep you surprised? Then this article should interest you ;-)

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