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The natural stones given to us by Mother Nature are not only aesthetic. Being pretty worn as jewelry or placed as decoration are not the only qualities of natural stones. 

Each natural stone has its own virtues, but we can find similar virtues in stones of the same color. Each stone contains specificities: virtues, recharging, purification. 

To choose your natural stone, two solutions: first of all, you can feel "attracted" by one of the stones: it's a color that you like, the reflections attract you. Go! This was the case for me with tiger's eye and moonstone. Often, we instinctively choose stones that match our needs. The other solution is to choose your stone in relation to its virtues. Some stones develop self-confidence, optimism, vitality, or are stones of protection... 

Always keep in mind that stones are helpers, not healers. Indeed, we can turn to a stone for a particular problem, but natural stones will never replace modern medicine. For any physical or psychological problem, it is advisable in the first place to consult a health specialist. Stones won't heal you! 

An example: red jasper helps in pregnancy and childbirth, but does not replace the work of a midwife!  

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