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Amethyst & Pink Quartz



restorative sleep

A first mini-collection in the colors of wildflowers... peony pink and lavender purple! Ideal for waiting while waiting for sunny days, these high quality natural stones will bring a little warmth, softness and poetry to your outfits. 

Unique pieces created and purified in conscience, under the Breton sun during the spring of 2022. 

Natural rose quartz & amethyst stones - fully STAINLESS collection

Feuilles d'automne


Stone of humility and wisdom. It stimulates imagination, creativity, clarity of mind. With its soothing and purifying properties, it evacuates stress, calms insomnia, promotes concentration and meditation. It dispels fear and anxiety.


THE stone of love par excellence. Helps healing, cures headaches, insomnia, depressive states, anxiety... It promotes calm and inner peace,  helps self-esteem, promotes empathy...

Bouquet de fleurs
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